Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 2.............

Yesterday while Kalem went swimming with his cousin, Talia got her paints out and spent an hour or so making some beautiful pictures.

She also requested that we make cupcakes as she didn't get to go swimming today, so we did just that.......

Of course when Kalem came home and saw the paints out he dived right in and came up with this lovely picture of a tree and a sunset. He was very proud of it as am I, I love his use of colour.
He is such a creative wee man always drawing and making books, I often wonder if this will stay with him as he grows or will he be sidetracked by other more boyish behaviour... Not that I think being creative is in any way girlie, it's just that boys are often so busy running around being, well 'boys' that they don't often find the time to just sit and draw. Time will tell I guess.......

After dinner we enjoyed the fruits of our labour, these delicious little cupcakes (from Annable Karmel's the fussy eaters' recipe book..) They are actually very rich, Talia did not really like the frosting which was very buttery. Not too rich for me though.......................yes D.I.E.T is going reeeeeeeeaally well (splutter, splutter, cough)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talia is off to see 'High 5" in concert with Nana this morning, I can't wait to hear all about it, she was so excited, bless.....X


KikiMiss said...

Well, the creative juices were certainly flowing weren't they?! The paintings are all beautiful, your plastic table covering is pretty cute too.

I'm currently reading 'The Creative Family' by the famous Amanda Blake Soule and to look in this afternoon and see your children totally enjoying their art is just lovely. My eldest is the same, so inventive with colour and shapes.

Ingrid said...

The paintings are lovely. I find your cake stand devine... You wouldn´t even really need ckaes it os so lovely.

Melody said...

Can I send Monet over? *heehee*

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