Thursday, October 2, 2008

Missing Boo....

Well what a quiet day we had yesterday without Talia, it is amazing just how much noise an almost 4 year old can make......... We all really missed her though, even Kalem had to speak to her on the phone before bed. She had a great time at 'High 5' and even convinced Nana to buy her an outrageously priced sparkly wand. She did want to come home after 'High 5' though and phoned asking me to pick her up. Awwwww I know that we all want our children to grow up being independent and able to survive without us, but isn't there also something so wonderful about the fact that they miss you so much when they are away.

She was very tired so I went around to Nana's for a cup of tea to make sure she was going to be alright. She was so sweet greeted me like she hadn't seen me in a month, it had only been about 4 hours......... She also told me that she was fine now and that she did want to stay at Nana's house, especially as her big cousin Hattie who is 14 was also staying the night. I have just spoken to her on the phone and while talking to me she was also bossing everyone around ordering toast! Just a couple more hours and it will be me she will be bossing around, sigh!! The house feels really empty without her, can't wait to get her back actually. It is the same when Kalem stays out for the night, a guess that a house needs all it's occupants present to be a home.........

So yesterday making the most of the quiet, Kalem got busy writing/drawing and painting a new book and I finished making myself a set of stitch markers. Terrible photo I'm so useless at taking close up shots. This is probably due to the fact that I always have the switch on auto and there are another 20 settings on my camera, one of which is no doubt fantastic for close up shots! Note to self: find and read instruction booklet.....

Lola had a HUGE sleep and Kalem is so great at entertaining himself that I even got to start knitting the the Tikki Rainbow dress and look I got to use my new stitch markers...... I shouldn't really be starting a new project as I haven't gotten any further with my Brea bag. Does anybody else find once they have completed one part ie. front of bag, one sock, one glove, back of jumper........ it is hard to get motivated to do the other?????????


Nikki said...

Macro setting for close up shots: should look like a picture of a little tulip. Press that and you should get decent close up shots. :)

Motivation: very much yes. Hence why I pretty much ONLY knit in the round and in once piece. And you just have to consider the leg warmer/s that I have in progress. It's been almost 7 months since I knit the first one and am yet to cast on the second.

Missing kid: I feel ya. It's so damn nice to be able to get stuff done without someone climbing all over you... but they are so warm and snuggly at other times!

Love the stitch markers... you did well!

Little Grubs said...

We haven't done an overnighter yet so can't imagine how I'll feel! Hope T had a great time and came back a happy wee thing! Can't wait to see the finshed dress - no pressure now! x

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