Monday, October 13, 2008


The kids went back to school and kindy today and the house is so quiet......... I will miss them as we had lots of fun over the last 2 weeks, but so far I am completely enjoying the peace!

We have just had a glorious weekend, the weather has been amazing. On Saturday we went to the local farmers market (where by the way they do the most amazing fudge....) to stock up on lovely fruit and veggies (and fudge...). In the field next to the farmers market people have started to set up little stalls to sell their bits and bobs. Some junk, but also some VERY talented people there.

I met the most inspiring woman who was selling seriously fabulous felt wall hangings, scarves and little needle felted creations. I could have spent all day talking to her, she was fascinating and gave me lot's of great tips for when I finally get around to doing some wet felting. Boy you should have seen this woman's arm muscles just from making her wet felting hangings and she also told me that she had lost a stack of weight since she started felting. I mean if this is not the motivation I need to get to it then I don't know what is!!!!!!! For those of you who do not know the muscles come for the rolling the felt in bamboo over and over again, pretty hard work, I know as I made one very small piece of felt for a card once. Her work was selling for around three to four hundred dollars a piece and man was it worth it. The lady said she is having real trouble selling here in NZ though, as people just see the price tag and run a mile. I guess that they just don't know the time, effort and love that go into each and every piece. She did say that she was having more luck selling on Etsy which was good to hear, so all of you out there who are thinking about setting up an Etsy store go for it....

I think that it is really sad that this amazing artist can't sell her beautiful creations, but people are more than happy to spend double that on the latest crap gadget on the market that lets face it they don't need and will probably need updating next year anyway!!

I am actually not really supposed to be blogging right now, I am supposed to be checking out the internet for birthday cake ideas as my little Buttercup is going to be 4 years old tomorrow. I also have a few bits and pieces that I am making her that need to be finished off, typical me leaving it till the very last minute. I am making her a little tutu, not sure how it is going to turn out yet, but I will blog the final result. Righto birthday cakes........... bye for now X


Daisie said...

Quick, cheap and easy cake idea; I made this for Francesca and it pleased everyone, just make sure you have a good tooth brush for afterwards!!
Enjoy your childfree time

Heart Felt said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Hope your BIG four year old has a great day tomorrow. xx

Ingrid said...

Felting ais a lot easier than you think. I put down a towel first, then put a big sheet of bubble wrap and then make a design with the wool. I add everything to my fancy. Then you cover it with some polyester material and with hot soapy water, wet it all down. Take off the material and roll it up around a wooden stick. Tie it up with bits cut from plastic bags. Stop and open it and roll it up from the other end, tuck in all odds and ends add more things like material or string or bits of old jumpers, anything natural fibred) and keep going until you are satisfied with it. One of my more complicated ones take about an hour. The scarves I have been making (the wool comes colour mixed and I just take it apart and put it down. Presents for friends when I go to Australia) take 20 mins from beginning to end, which is perfect with my short attention span due to small children. Wet felting is so easy and inspirational but don´t let it feel like it is complicated. If you want to write to my e-mail and give address, I will send copy of article for nano felting which got me inspried and it is so easy. Anyway, you can also be my facebook friend if you want. I am a stay at home mother who is not able to achive her career dreams either so easily....... Sorry for the long rave.

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