Friday, October 31, 2008


A big thank you to all you lovely ladies who commented on my last post, it's great to be part of such a wonderful mummy network..... X


Ali G said...

Hi Julie,

I'm Ali (Ali G on TNN if you visit there) and I've just been having a quick look through your blog. I love your Tikki Rainbow dress!! I'm knitting one at the moment for my nearly one year old and I can't wait to see how it turns out. My nearly one year old is a dreadful sleeper as well - so I totally feel your pain there :) If you hit on the magic sleep recipe, please let me know!
BTW I'm 37 too and originally hail from ChCh, but now lve in Wellington with my hubby and 4 kids. Love your blog :)

Ali G said...

Oh and we just lost our wee lop eared rabbit recently, but seeing your gorgeous wee Tinkerbell has inspired me to look for a replacement :) SO cute!!

Ali G said...

Oh, and at the risk of appearing stalkerish (sorry!) this is EXACTLY me also!! "I LOVE all things to do with Art and Craft. My hope is to one day live an eco-friendly life in the country, in a place where my children can roam around bare foot to their hearts content"

kate5kiwis said...

huge hugs to you.
when my Danny (now 19 lol!) was a wee babe, my plunket nurse gave me The Best Ever Parenting Advice. she said, "when my children were little, i had a Love Affair with my bed!" and so i had afternoon naps with my babies nearly every day!!!
and it was such a saviour with the night antics.
wishing you sunshine, and wishing Lola s-l-e-e-p.
yeah, you may find that she settles better in your bed with you, maybe a quick back pat and she'll slide into sweet dreams easier. cos i think that she is fully waking up to rouse you during the night, you may respond quicker to her if she's right beside you..? then she'll drop off quicker.. cos you'll soothe her before she wakes right up. hope i'm making sense.
kisses X

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