Friday, October 10, 2008

LUCKY ME......

I was recently lucky enough to win a giveaway on the lovely and very talented Abi's blog .Yesterday the adorable little crocheted heart bag arrived in the mail and Talia was beside herself with excitement. I really wish that had taken a photograph of her face when she opened the package, biggest smile EVER!!! Talia absolutely LOVES it and has not let go of it since it arrived. Along with the bag there was a lovely little card made by Abi's beautiful daughter Maia for Talia. Talia was really thrilled with this and I later overheard her telling Kalem that Maia was her new best friend which is adorable as they have never met.....well not yet anyway! I also overheard her saying that Maia is coming to her birthday party next week, think you can leave the UK a bit earlier Abi?????

THANKS ABI, we love it............................... XXXXX


Melody said...

Oh that bag is gorgeous!! (& the card too but that goes without saying!)

Heart Felt said...

That is too cute, she looks so pleased! xx

Little Grubs said...

You are very, very welcome! Maia is very glad to hear that she has a 'new best friend', I didn't tell her about the party invite though because she would have wanted to come and I'd never have heard the end of it!!! xx

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