Saturday, January 10, 2009


This is Tilly the doll that I made for Talia for Christmas. It is a Steiner style doll made from all natural products and stuffed with wool carding. I really enjoyed making her and considering this was the first time I had used my sewing machine I don't think she turned out too bad. I wanted her to resemble Talia so she has brown eyes and long blonde(ish) hair. Talia seems to really love her and she has already been camping with us so she is definitely part of the family.................

Of course once I had made her she needed some clothes, I found a little pair of knickers and the pants at a lovely handmade toy shop. I then made the little dress and designed my very own shrug like knitted top which I am very proud of, but it was VERY SIMPLE!!!! I used some of the gorgeous yarn that Claire sent me last year.

I read this somewhere online and I thought that it was lovely,

A handcrafted doll is one of a kind. It carries the spirit of the maker in it's stitches and absorbs the spirit of the child that loves it........ X


lou said...

Happy New Year!!!
Wow, how good is that doll, if I made that I would be proud too!
Nice to see you back!

lou xxx

KikiMiss said...

Oh that's a beautiful doll, has she been named yet? I love that quote, it is so true. Now you should start selling these little ones....modelling them from an image of the recipient perhaps?

Melody said...

Good job. It is amazing how muchit does actually look like your daughter. Nice one.

Claire said...

It really does look like Talia!!! It is wonderful! I particularly like the eyes (those slit eyes of the waldorf style sometimes freak me out - I MUCH prefer the round ones) and the hair is fantastic - it looks like you used several different sorts of yarn - did you? Also I really like how you made the feet.

I recognise the wool from the shrug! Very pretty.

I wondered if you had made Talia a doll over Christmas - glad you posted pics - she is fab!

Claire said...

which doll pattern did you use? The shapes of the doll look different to the patterns in the maricristen book. I really like the slimmer arms on your doll and the rounder head.

So what's next - a doll for Lola???? :) :)

Claire said...

Oh! Found these hair instructions here if you are interested - (bit late but oh well)

katie said...

oh julie
tilly is exquisite!
what a darling pressie for your darling girl.
love that quote about spirit too - there is certainly a lot of love shared X

Daisie said...

Hi, there's a tree of happiness waiting for you on my blog :-)

Melissa Goodsell said...

Oh gosh, such a beautiful doll - such a gorgeous keepsake and present.

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