Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Hols.......

Since we returned from our trip to Nelson we have been keeping busy and having lot's of fun. We are all really enjoying the relaxed feeling of the school hols. It has definitely helped that my children are now waking more at 7-7.30am rather than 6am, much more acceptable I'm sure you will agree. The AMAZING weather we have had recently has also helped to keep smiles on faces.

Kalem has been very busy using the craft box that we gave him for Christmas, here he is writing a book about art....

Lola got lot's of lovely wooden blocks for Christmas that Kalem and Talia have had hours of fun with. I'm sure that they will let Lola play with them one day soon.....

Do you remember 'pick up sticks'??? kalem got this for Christmas and it is such a great simple game, brilliant for those fine motor skills.

We have also been enjoying the fruits of Julian's labour and eating lot's of yummy veg from our garden.

I even had time to whip up this necklace for my good friend Tracey's birthday. It is made with felt balls, turquoise and Thai silver beads. I haven't made any jewelery for ages, it was good to get my beads out and have a play.....
Hope you are all having fun wherever you are........ X


lou said...

You are such a clever girl; I do love what you make!
I had too smile I remember the pick up sticks!
Your vegetable garden looks fab, I would appreciate it if you were not too post any more pictures of any of you lot in the sun, as it is not fair! :0(

love Lou xxx

cjsfeet said...

We also got pick-up sticks for the Christmas! The girls totally love it! simple games for the simple pleasures of playing! Love it.

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