Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My weekend...

This weekend I FINALLY got round to watching Mama Mia on dvd and I loved it. There were moments when I just wanted to get up and dance on the table. I probably would have done just that if I had been watching it with my FUN girlfriends and not with my hubby who was snoring next to me on the couch!!!! Surprised that he could sleep actually with me singing FAB Abba tunes at the top of my wobbly voice! This is definitely a film to be enjoyed with other like minded girlies......

I also got to do a bit of sewing while Lola slept and the other 2 were out with Dad. I made this little bib from the book Bend-the-rules Sewing by Amy Karol of Angry chicken blog fame. It turned out a bit smaller than the ones in the book as I did not have a copier to enlarge the pattern, so just drew it freehand. I found it a bit tricky sewing on a curve so it's not perfect, but it fits Lola just fine so I am thrilled with my first ever bib. I have since photocopied the pattern at the correct size, so am planning on making lots more. I may make some as presents as I have a few friends with babies due this year!

I got to use these lovely sparkly scissors that Julian got me for Christmas, aren't they professional looking????

Talia did some painting... Am I the only mother out there who sometimes wishes she left the paints in the cupboard????? I love doing crafty things with the kids, but painting does drive me a wee bit crazy. It is more the cleaning up afterward really. Talia was covered from head to toe in paint, it was all over the carpet, the kitchen and the bathroom and even the deck had splodges of paint all over it. She only did 3 paintings and it took me ages to clean up after her. I even went to the supermarket with green paint all over my arm without realising.....grrrrr!

The painting kept Talia busy though while Kalem went out with Dad to choose this new addition to the family. Meet 'Twitch", Julian who is also know as Dr Dolittle around here felt that Tinkerbell our Velveteen rabbit needed some company so off he went to get this little cutie.... We can't leave Twitch in the hutch with Tinks just yet as she is too little only 7 weeks old, so we let them run around the lounge together at night to get used to each other. Twitch is still very frightened poor little mite and we didn't know where to keep her, then Julian thought of this little toy farm shed that we were throwing out. She fits in just perfectly and is all snug in our laundry until she moves in with her new pal.........


KikiMiss said...

I am so jealous you are able to keep rabbits in NZ. Did you know it's illegal here in Queensland.

Not that anyone would actually know if I had any here since we have no close neighbours. Hmmm.

KikiMiss said...

Hi Julie, as I cannot find an email address for you to send the risotto recipe I've created you a special post this morning. Head on over to my blog. Kx

Claire said...

Love the Bib!!!! It is fab! Wonderful material! Is that book good? I have been wondering whether or not to buy it...... I read a review that said there were not enough instructions to go with the patterns?? What do you think?

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