Sunday, January 25, 2009


If anybody reading this is due to visit the dentist STOP READING IMMEDIATELY!!!!

For the last couple of months I have had a slight niggling in one if my back teeth, recently it got slightly worse so I made the DREADED appointment to see the Dentist. First off I have to say that I am TERRIFIED of the Dentist, always have been and am pretty sure now ALWAYS WILL BE......

So Friday morning (after almost cancelling my appointment due to the fact that my tooth had been absolutely fine for the last couple of days) I headed off nervously, but trying to be as brave as possible. Once I was sitting in the chair the sweat started pouring and I even started to shake a bit... obviously my inner self knew what was to come. Anyway the Dentist found some decay inside my wisdom tooth and told me I could either have it filled or taken out. She advised me that if I did have it filled it would probably need doing again in the next couple of years.

SOMEHOW by telling me that it cost the same to remove the tooth, the tooth is not needed anyway and that it would only be the same pain as a filling, she managed to get me to agree to having it pulled.

FLIPPIN HECK... I can't even begin to explain how much I would rather have had a filling, 20 fillings even....... After having to listen to the crunching and cracking of bone, gagging on the horrific amount of blood and feeling like my head was being pulled off, I then had to endure stitches that seemed to take a lifetime to put in. Apparently my tooth had 4 roots instead of 2 and it was also fused to the bone which made it much harder to remove, stupid tooth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was all quite traumatic and I had to sit out in my car for at least 5 minutes crying like a BABY once I had ESCAPED from the dreaded place! Now I have been known to be a BIT of a drama queen and I don't handle being sick or in pain very well, (how I ever birthed 3 babies naturally is beyond even me!!!) but I was seriously in shock. Luckily for me my wonderful mother-in-law was at home looking after the kids and one look at me, red eyes, swollen face, blood smeared on chin she gave me a hug and told me that she would have the kids for the rest of the day. THANK HEAVENS!! Wonderful, wonderful MIL am forever in her debt!!!

So now 3 days on I still can't talk properly and am in pain and having to take antibiotics WHILE BREASTFEEDING......... I don't take anything other than paracetamol if really needed normally while b/feeding so this is the worst part for me, I have checked with everyone and apparently what I am on is okay for babs, but really I would rather not be taking the risk.

I guess the moral of the story is HAVING A WISDOM TOOTH TAKEN OUT IS NOT THE SAME AS HAVING A FILLING!!!! Oh yeah and I am a great big Sukey la la BABY........... I have no idea how I am EVER going to get myself back to the dentist to have stitches removed and if anybody ever tells me that I need a tooth pulling again I am going into hiding.........

Sorry about this moany old post but just had to get it off my chest and also wanted to let my mum and dad know what their poor little girl has had to endure..... can't phone them as can't SPEAK.... Hope that everybody else is having a lot more fun than me this weekend.......X


Little Miss Flossy said...

No shame at all... I had to have one extracted last year when half of it disintegrated in my mouth, no choice. Hope you're feeling better. xxx

Heart Felt said...

Oh you poor thing....I'm a bit like you - going to the dentist is like being tortured! Hope you are feeling better now, lots of hugs..xx

Daisie said...

It's funny what you said about child birth, when I was very heavily pregnant with Elizabeth I had an infection and needed root canal work but had to wait until I had given birth. I had Elizabeth on two paracetamol and a sniff of gas and air. The following week I had a root canal filling and it was terrifying!

Poor you!

Don't worry about the antibiotics, the samll amount Lola will get won't do her any harm, not nearly as much as the nasties she'd get if you got a bad infection!

Thinking of you xxx

KikiMiss said...

Oh dear!!! That IS terrifying ---- and what's more I'm due back to the dentist for a few fillings.

Don't stress out about the antibiotics, you'll both be ok but I just hope you're feeling much better and talking soon. Your family might just be enjoying the holiday though ;-)

Claire said...

Oh no! I had two wisdom teeth pilled out in October. I had it all booked at the hospital for about a month in advance and was a total wreck when the day came. I sat in that chair with my knees drawn up tight to my chest! BUT it was super quick, the guy was a pro and pulled the two within about 10 minutes. I had about 8 injections tho. I kept saying, yeah I can feel something (like in my foot maybe) give me another. No stitches either. I nearly wept with relief when I came out, I had built it up to be similar to having a leg hacked off in a muddy field. (I had read every story online beforehand about nerve damage and bleeding to death etc so I was well prepared). I think I would have been in shock tho, like you to have it jumped on me like that.

I developed dry socket about 4 days later and that was far far worse a pain than the teeth being pulled.

Take care of yourself and lie down a lot. I did :)

Love to you Julie. I totally sympathise, I am am UTTER wimp too.


keriflower said...

I don't think you have to be an utter whimp to dislike the idea of a visit to the dentist. I take most operations in my stride but mess around with my teeth and I am a really sooky.

I've had a similar experience with four roots and being fused to the jawbone. ARGGGGGG It was thirty years ago and I can still hear my own screams (I kidd not) Apparently I cleared out the waiting room double quick.

On saying all that last year I had a tooth pulled and it was a walk in the park. No cruching, no pressure and no it was not a good tooth, I'd left it till I had TWO abscesses! The dentist was amazingly good. I'd travel the length of the country to see him if I ever have to go again.

So stay focussed on getting well. Have a couple of duvet days and enjoy them if you can.

LissyLou said...

I didn't read this post as dentists terrify me!!! but thanks for stopping by my blog, i love that your daughter has a fairy called Fizzy, sooo cute. x

sweetp said...

Oh My GOd. You poor thing. I am so behind in my reading xxx Hope you are all recovered now. I hate to admit its been about 6 or more years since I went to the dentist for pulling of bottom wisdoms. After reading this I think it will be some more time before I brave it again lol

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