Monday, May 4, 2009

Talia and Digger.....

Yesterday Talia had her second ever pony ride/lesson and she looked so darn cute on that horse that I took a million photo's. Don't worry I am not going to show them all just the one's I like best......

A little pony called Digger was chosen for Talia, don't they look cute together!!!!!
She was mainly led around the paddock by the instructor, but did have a few moments of holding the rein by herself.

After the ride it was time to brush Digger down, I think that Talia enjoyed this bit the most. Now I am not very horsey myself, but I think that she looked quite a natural up there on Diggers back.
Daddy and Lola were there to watch, Lola got a bit bored after a while so went off to crawl in some horse poo instead!!! Check out that lovely blue sky, I love Autumn in Christchurch. We get a lot of frosty mornings, but when they are followed by lovely sunny days like this who can complain.

Hope that everyone had a lovely weekend.......

1 comment:

little grubs said...

Hope Talia's still enjoying the riding. I learnt at that age and it was a real passion for me growing up. I'm looking forward to taking Maia and Cassia so this has been a nudge for me to find out where lessons are near us. x

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