Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sad, but true.....

Last night I settled down with my knitting and a glass of lovely red wine and watched 4 hours of reality TV..... YES, I am aware of how terribly sad this sounds, but it was the final of both American Idol and Project Runway and I am have been hooked on both of them. I already knew who won Idol as one of the American knitting blogs that I read had mentioned the winner, arghhhhhhhhhh, this of course did not stop me from watching the 3 hour finale. Friday evenings are just not going to be the same now.....It is not all sad though as I am back on track with knitting the Meret and so far so good (she says touching wood...)!

In other crafty news I have just finished this 'boy bag' for Kalem, he has been wanting me to make him one for ages. He wanted it to be able to hold all sorts of bits and bobs, you know pencils, drawing book, games, rugby card, stones, lego pieces, etc. etc... I made this bag without a pattern, I just used the tips and techniques that I have learnt recently with the bags that I have been making. It is a really a basic tote with lot's of pockets and I made the handle quite thick and long so that he could carry it over his body.

The inside pockets before bag was sewn up.
A happy boy ready to fill his bag with treasures. This bag is also going to be used to carry nature journal stuff when we go for walks, which we will go on if it ever stops raining.....

I loved making this bag and have already drawn up another bag pattern, just off to buy some more fabric today. Isn't it amazing how even though I have an enormous bag of (ever growing) fabric I can't seem to find the right thing for my new bag!!!!!! Any excuse to go and wander around the fabric store......... Hope you all have a great weekend! X

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little grubs said...

Julie - your sewing's been fantastic!!! I remember you posting when you first got the machine and now there's bags left, right and centre!!! And awesome bags too. I love the Meret too - you definitely have more perserverance than me - good luck with finishing it!!! xx

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