Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This was the sad state of my knitting last night at 10.30pm!!!!! I am currently knitting (making a mess of) the Meret Beret, you can search for this pattern on Ravelry it's free. I was totally inspired to knit this after checking out this amazing example knitted by the very clever Gabes. The mess that you see below is the 4Th time that I had to frog my work. The first time I totally messed up the cast on and actually have no idea what I did, the 2ND time I did not pull the yarn tightly enough between the first and last stitch leaving a ridiculous length of yarn, 3rd time I somehow messed up the 1x1 ribbing . This last time the stitches just popped off the needle and as there were many M1's, slipped stitches and yo's there was NO WAY I was able to figure out which stitches went where. YES there were one or two tears of anger and frustration. My fellow knitters out there will be proud of me though, as I stayed up late and determinedly cast on AGAIN for the 5Th and hopefully final time! Please wish me luck...........

On a much brighter note, Talia has recently been spending lot's of time reading to her little sister. Of course Talia can't actually read yet as such, but her stories are pretty spot on, she just looks at the pictures and makes the rest up. This child has such a wonderful imagination, her stories make us all laugh and Lola loves this close time with her big sis.

Thought I'd finish off today's post with my all time favourite quote by a rather clever chap who went by the name of Albert Einstein.
'Imagination is more important then knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there will ever be to know and understand'.


sweetp said...

oh noooooo! come over for a cuppa one day and I'll help :)

Heart Felt said...

opps! Lovely colour (if that helps at all) Love the photo of the girls, very cute. xx

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