Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knitting Bag...

I have just made this bag for my larger knitting projects. I got the pattern from my favourite magazine of the moment SEW HIP! This is an English mag, but our very cool local newsagent stocks it and it's great. I think the bag was from issue no.3. I made it from and old and very retro looking tablecloth found at a local op shop. I loved the fabric and this seemed the perfect bag to make with it.

It turned out really well and even has a pocket on the front for holding your needles, but it is a bit on the large side really. Mind you it's just perfect for my Autumn jumper that I have been knitting since last Spring and probably won't be finished till next Spring!! Great size for all the balls of yarn, needles, pattern book, finished pieces, tape measure, pen, secret chocolate stash...hmmm only just thought of that one!

Maybe this bag and the soon to be added secret chocolate stash will help motivate me to get the jumper finished......... here's hoping!! X


Heart Felt said...

That mag sounds great.....love the fabric, very groovy! xx

roseamongthorns said...

I thought that fabric looked familiar – my mum used to have a table cloth just like it!

The bag is very cool too.

http://lavenderhouse.typepad.com said...


Nice bag and funny story about the Lily Allen song. I la la la over some bits of it so the kids dont catch on!

Lovely Mothers Day post by the way.

Love Emma xxxxxx

Ruby said...

My mum found this mag and loved it so she bought me one too, its got great ideas in it , love the bag!

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