Monday, March 23, 2009

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes....

The weekend before last we took the kids and went tomato picking. You would not believe how much fun they had, the boys thoroughly enjoyed throwing the rotten tomatoes at each other (boys huh???). The aim was to pick as many tomatoes as possible so that this very clever daddy could make some lovely sauce and chutney. He really does make some yummy relishes and sauces, it requires an awful lot of kitchen time so rather him than me..... We enlisted the help of one cousin with the promise of ice cream and the park afterwards and off we went.

Lola was chief taster, she did a great job!
A job very well done, they definitely deserved the yummy real fruit ice cream that followed.
So all last week Julian has been cooking up a storm and now we have quite a lot of tomatoey goodness to see us through till next summer (and possibly even the summer after that). Now I just have to find somewhere to store all of these bottles and jars.

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Heart Felt said...

What fab photographs, looks like a lot of fun and industrious at the same time xx

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