Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Family Drawing time......

Drawing is a favourite pastime in our house. Taking the idea from the wonderful book 'The Creative Family' we had family drawing time yesterday afternoon after school. We all sat down with our art supplies and paper and got creative, even Lola had a go on her own piece of paper.
It all went swimmingly for about 10 minutes everyone was calm and creating their masterpieces quietly and happily until .... this little TERROR went on the rampage!
Honestly you should have seen her, she was a girl on a mission and that mission was to cause as much mayhem as possible. There were crayons flying around, paper being ripped, drawings being drawn on by chubby baby hands, children screaming and all the time the TERROR had the biggest grin ever on her face. Oh yes she sure knew the trouble she was causing and she was LOVING it!!!!

I also have to write and tell you all of my amazing morning. I got out of bed as usual this morning, but as soon as I got into the lounge Kalem directed me to the couch and covered me with a blanket. Then he got Dad to light some candles and put on some lovely music and told me that I was to sit and relax. Hmmmmmmmm great idea, but relaxing IN THE MORNING, unheard of! He was such a sweetie though and went into the kitchen to put the lunch things together and got Lola out of her cot when she woke up. I even got a shoulder and head rub, it only lasted about 30 seconds, but I mean come on the boy was pretty busy! Apparently he thought that I needed some rest after being up with Lola every night. I really am blessed with the most sweet, thoughtful, kind, considerate and wonderful boy, what a lovely way to start the day......... X


Heart Felt said...

She was just showing creativity in a different sort of way! What a cute photo...xx

LissyLou said...

What a lovely idea!! cheeky little one though, great photo! x

lou said...

That was so cute of your boy too spoil you!
Are you sure it was Lola?????????? That beautiful face of hers looks nothing but an angel!
Love Lou xxx

Claire said...

oh that photo of lola is priceless!! She is sooo adorable, it made me beam just seeing her - she is great - what a fun loving 'terror' !!!! Esmé is the same with paper and crayons... she gets it but prefers to go crazy, it's kinda funny tho isn't it, who can help but laugh.

KI is such a sweetie, how lovely is he, really!

You all look so pretty drawing away,

Claire x

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