Sunday, March 15, 2009

Being in the Kitchen...

Cooking to me has always been a bit of a chore and I am definitely not a natural cook. I need to follow recipes EXACTLY and am seriously lacking in culinary creativity! Luckily for me I have a fabulous hubby who loves to cook, last night he made an amazing veggie lasagne, yum... Anyway he usually cooks at the weekend, but in the week it's down to me -yay-. I have found however that when using my beautiful 'thrifted' pans cooking doesn't seem quite so much of a chore. This is very sad I know, but what can I say I like pretty things!!!!!

On the subject of pretty things, here is my sweet budding musician playing a tune on Kalem's keyboard.....

Hope that everyone is having a great weekend, we are off for a walk in the forest now and then coming home so that Julian can make some tomato sauce. See I told you he loves being in the kitchen and I am a very lucky girl!!!

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little grubs said...

I just LOVE your pans!!!! I've been on the lookout for ones like this rather than the boring functional ones we own but the bottoms are always nearly burnt out on them. Great find for you! Hope you had a great walk and your budding muso is indeed very cute! x
PS I always find it incredible when someone who can knit finds it hard to crochet - it seems so easy to me and knitting seems so hard! I guess it's a good job we're all different because it makes the place much more interesting. However, if we were down south I would live to help out with the proviso of coffee and cake! x

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