Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bitten by the sewing bug...

I have been quite busy sewing recently and am starting to get the hang of my sewing machine at last!! I made this sweet little tote from the 'Bend the Rules' sewing book yesterday. It is for a little friend of Talia's who is having a birthday party this weekend. I am determined to make as many presents as possible this year, I am going to pop in some eco-pencils, but that doesn't count as they come from a gorgeous little local shop that sells fabulous handmade things. Of course Talia has requested a little bag of her very own, but that's okay as I actually really enjoyed making this.....

Not a great photo, but look a little pocket inside, it's my favourite part. The back of the bag is the same spotty fabric as the lining.

My lovely little model
I also made a little wrap around dress for Talia's doll 'Tilly'. I drew up the pattern myself so it's a bit rough around the edges and a little on the large side, but Talia loves it and that's all that really matters. She has now requested that I make Tilly some pyjama's, hmm not sure how I am going to manage that, but apparently Tilly is starting to get cold at night and we can't have that now can we........

Right am off to do some more sewing, it's quite addictive isn't it!!! X

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LissyLou said...

That bag is so lovely, well done!!
I have just made my first piece on the sewing machine and hopefully many more! x

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