Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Okay so it's official I am becoming obsessed with making bags.... This is my first attempt at sewing a bag for myself and I am really pleased with it!!! I used this fantastic tutorial from Melissa's lovely blog Tiny Happy. It was really easy to make although due to getting the sewing machine out and then putting it away again a million times (pesky kids...), it did take me a few days to complete. Oh how I long for a craft studio....... dream, dream, dream!

I went hunting the second hand shops specifically for something to make this bag with and was really thrilled to find a lovely old curtain with gorgeous leafy/fern pattern. Probably not to every ones taste, but I really love ferns. The material is nice and thick too which gives the bag shape.
This is a rubbish photo, but just trying to show that the inside is perfect for storing your knitting! I love this bag, it is such a great shape and size, I already have the material cut out for bag no. 2!!

Here are my little puddings learning to play the recorder. Lola was having great fun making some noise and thought that she was really funny!! The recorder actually belongs to Kalem and he is trying to teach himself with the aid of a booklet. The noise is HIDEOUS, seriously I know that I am supposed to be encouraging his musical creativity, but it is REALLY hurting my ears!!!!! I am determined however to grin and bear it and that this item will not be thrown on top of the kitchen cabinet along with all the other irritatingly noisy toys. Lets just hope that he is a fast learner..............

EDIT - I have now sorted the problem and the link to Tiny Happy blog should now work....!


Heart Felt said...

Good on fabric! xx

lou said...

What beautiful fabric and as for the bag, FAB, FAB,FAB, can you tell I like it.
My sewing on the machine is rubbish but I’m trying to get better.
I am so glad the days of having too listen too musical instruments are gone in our house, lovely picture of them.
Look forward to seeing the next bag!
Love Lou xxx

Daisie said...

I keep trying to take a look at the bag tute but your link doesn't work, stamps foot!! I want one too!

And as for a recorder, give up now, nasty horrible things! Elizabeth plays an OCARINA, it's a small round instrument with four holes, much easier to play and much easier on the ears! It being breakfast time I can't be bothered to google it for you but we go here; Seriously, check it out!


Claire said...

Oh I LOVE it! I love the pattern and the material - it is lovely, you must be so pleased! You have inspired me to make something for myself for a change! :)

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