Friday, September 12, 2008

Save the planet, ride your bike to school.....

A couple of weeks ago we bought a kiddy board to go on the back of the buggy. What an amazing invention, so simple, but so clever. Little miss lazy legs is not very fond of walking so this meant that we had to drive everywhere. Not anymore though as she is more than happy to stand on her 'skateboard' and be pushed around like a little princess.

It's great actually as I finally get to do some exercise, Kalem gets to ride his bike to school and we don't have to use the car as much. I have to admit the first few days were a bit of a killer and my legs and butt were in agony. Truth be told I am still a bit stiff today, but it is definitely getting better and I am starting to enjoy getting out in the fresh air first thing in the morning. We even spotted some gorgeous little duckings on the way home from school today which the kids thought was great.

I promised Kalem (in a moment of insanity) that we would walk even if it was raining and boy has he kept me to my word, it has been raining all week and the slave driver has made me walk every day!!!! Who knows at this rate I may even fit into the dress that I blogged about a few posts ago...... here's hoping!

If there is anybody else out there with their own lazy legged child I would definitely recommend the kiddy board.


sweetp said...

oh, looks great, I was so tempted to get one of those but my buggy isn't one of those 'big brands' so wasnt sure if I could get one to fit.

I am a meanie mother and make my 2y walk everywhere lol, she does well. School is just up the road :D

Ingrid said...

We´ve had one for ages and it has been a life saver as my oldest is also lazy. She walks less than the little one. We just need to start and she will say - my legs hurt, I can´t go any further...... I´m taking my big pram and buggy board to Australia as I don´t know how we will get around otherwise, even though M. is 6 now.

I´m a big bike rider. Now the girls are in kindergarten all day, I´m attempting to ride tot he shops rather than drive. It makes all the difference.

Heart Felt said...

They are such a good idea, Charlie is still happy to sit in the buggy for now. Would they hold an adult? They look like fun!

Melody said...

Kiddy boards are a great invention aren't they?

You will be fitting into that dress in no time! Well done.

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