Monday, September 8, 2008

New shoes....

I just thought that I would blog a picture of my new shoes, worn by 'NZ's next top model' Buttercup, who seems to have taken a bit of a shine to them. Now the main reason that I am posting this is so that my mum can see that I have actually bought a pair of shoes WITH A HEEL..... Now it's not a high heel, but for a flat shoe girl like myself it makes me feel all grown up! What do you think mum????? Now don't get too excited Doc Martin's are still my favourite brand, but hey it's progress.

A photo of Lola just because I love her spotty red dress, sent to her from England by my much loved and missed friend Cath.

Also could not resist this photo of Kalem reading to Lola. He is so good with her, it is so sweet to see them rolling around the floor together giggling, he always has time for her. They really have quite a special bond and you can see the love radiating from him when he is holding her, such a proud big brother.


KikiMiss said...

Hi there, I'm visiting from Queensland, Australia via Melody @ biglittlesister!! It's nice to find you. I hope you don't mind me adding you to my daily reads?

Your new shoes are adorable and as a flat shoe wearing girl I can see it's a small but big step to rise up a little at the rear there. They are the kind of thing I could wear actually, it's comfort all the way these days.

Did you purchase online or locally in NZ?

kate5kiwis said...

what is it about girlies and heels? woozie still "clomps" when she wears a heel... which is not often these days... there's something so satisfying and movie-ish about that click-clack sound huh X
PS i'm a pink converse girl, but i do lust after some doc's too... said...

Hi Julie

What a great comment you left me. Believe in me I have had to learn the hard way about nurturing not controlling. I have had to take painkillers for sore throats in the past for all my roaring at the my kids!!! - This summer I have really tried to relax in to things - my kids bicker all the time but I let them bicker and without fail they sort out their own battles. As I type the two youngest are arguing. One is clearly telling the other one that she doesnt feel very well (that means she is tired!!!) so now the other one has come in here and repeated all of this only he is saying he feels ill. Within seconds of ignoring his comments we are now chatting about how a pin works on the back of a brooch! One memorable moment for me was when my eldest daughter and I had an arguement about left and right socks (yes you read that right) - she insisted that there was a left and right. I told her categorically there wasnt and we argued for ages. Then I thought who cares if she thinks there is - it does not matter!!! Let them go with the flow a bit more and step back. You are in a tricky stage as you still have a very young little one. My youngest is now 4 and it is so much easier - no more micromanagement!!! This summer I actually got to sit down sometimes rather than running around all the time. They need entertaining in other ways but it is so much easier. People who say it gets harder havent had three little kids on the go at once!! Please try to watch the video clip as it is fantastic and very, very funny. Better than anything you will watch on TV. You can knit while you watch it!!!! Love reading your blog too. Often too caught up in things to leave comments but will try harder!!! Love Emma xxxx

Ingrid said...

I buy my skirts for formal occaisons long enough so I can wear my flatties underneath them. The only heel I have is this sexy kneehighblack boots (well, they would be sexy if my calves were so big). But I can´t walk in them and have to be supported by my husband or somewhere anytime I wear them.....

You have such a loevly family.

Little Grubs said...

Gorgeous photos of the children! x

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