Friday, September 5, 2008

A challenging day, but a good day.....

Well yesterday was one heck of a day, my darling little Buttercup drove me insane from the moment she woke up until the moment she went to bed. All day it was a total battle of wills between the two of us, I sometimes think if it is like this now IMAGINE (arghhh) what it is going to be like when she is older!!! PLEASE tell me that I am not the only one out here with such a 'spirited' child on their hands! We did have a few moments of sanity like when Talia raided my bead stash and made herself this gorgeous necklace. Isn't it cool and the best thing about it is it took her about 30 minutes, 30 quiet. studious, creative minutes........ahhhh bliss!

Can you see the mischief in those eyes?????

Perhaps a future jewellery designer?????

.......and as if by magic to brighten up my 'challenging' day, 2 parcels arrived for ME!! The first one was from the very lovely Claire, we had arranged to do a magazine swap and she sent me a copy of The Green Parent. I am saving this until I can sit with my feet up and can have a cuppa in peace and quiet. She also included this AMAZING wool, the colours are gorgeous, it is like all of my favourites all rolled into one. Thank you so much Claire, this swapping thing is great, now I just have to decided what to knit with the lovely yarn!

A closer look, but still the photo doesn't do the colours justice, boy I need a new camera....hint, hint, hubby! Don't really know why I writing this as Julian has NEVER read my blog. I mean can you believe that???? Now I am not saying that it is the most interesting blog around, but it is about OUR family and I know that if there was even a slight chance that somebody was writing something about me, then I would be checking it daily! He obviously lacks the super nosey gene that I have......probably a good thing!

Oh yes... and I also received this late birthday pressie from my beautiful friend Kate back home. I LOVE the card, it says that Life is nothing without friendship.... How true that is!

The day just kept getting better..... last night Julian and I went out for dinner with his brother Nick and partner Helen. We went to a Moroccan restaurant called Simo's in the City, which I would highly recommend it. The food was divine and the service was excellent and in between courses you got these little shot glasses of orange, carrot and cinnamon smoothie to 'cleanse the pallet' which was lovely. I was a very naughty girl and had a dessert which of course means that 'the diet' will be starting again next Monday. Seriously though the dessert was called CHOCOLATE FANTASY errrrr, how is a girl supposed to resist that kind of evil temptation???

We even had time after dinner to go to a BAR, yes a BAR, it has been a long while since I saw the inside of one of these and this one even had a live jazz band. We had so much FUN before heading back home to relieve Nana and check on our little sleeping beauties ...............X

ps. Buttercup woke in a much better mood today and is back to being her super lovey dovey little self.....(breathes big sigh of relief!)


Heart Felt said...

A spirited child, what a lovely way to put it....I just call mine a little madam...xx

sweetp said...

I have a 'spirited' too...thought she would grow out of it by the time she started school...

love that yarn! and your DD is very clever, thats a lovely necklace

Claire said...

yay! It arrived!

Do your two like tattoos? (Or rather do you :lol) my youngest son has this HUGE stash of them and always puts them in envelopes and wants to send them to everyone. So that is why you received some:) My grandmother on the other hand was rather non plussed, my son said she should put it on her forehead as it is quite a big space and also would make her look pretty. I didn't pass along THAT bit of advice with the tattoo!

Beautiful necklace! Wish my bead stash was half as nice, she looks so pleased with it.

kate5kiwis said...

oh what a beeeeYOUtiful necklace, Miss Buttercup. LOVE it.
love those eyes. my Woozie has had the exact same look in hers - since she was two - and deep down, i *love* it.
love and sunshine X

Little Grubs said...

I'd go with heart felt and call min e a little madam! Very jealous of your bead stash because we have none. Hope you enjoy the magazine - I found it over here just after Cassia was born and it helped to keep me sane! It was like a ray of sunshine in an otherwise very bleak winter and reminded me that there were other people out there who held the same values than me- just none at all around me in my day to day life!!!! I used to keep mine to read on my own too so sometime one copy would last until the next one! Enjoy xx

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