Friday, August 29, 2008

Craft 2.0

I thought that I would do a quick post on Craft 2.0 which was held here in Christchurch for the first time last Saturday. You can read an article about it here. It was great to see so many different crafts on display by some very talented people.

I didn't go too crazy (and believe me I could have...), I bought some magazines. A copy of the new mag Good which is fantastic, all about sustainable living and the first issue of World Sweet World mag, another great read about craft!

I also bought an embroidery kit, it looks so cool. I completely fell in love with the design and as the pack included everything you need to complete it, needles, hand dyed thread, instructions for dummies, etc, I thought I would give it a go! I have never done embroidery before so we will have to wait and see what it turns out like. The lady I bought it from said that if I have any problems I can go around to her studio and she will help me out, how cool is that, crafty people are just so friendly! Anyway I have put it away for a bit as I think that I have enough projects on the go at the moment.

I also bought a gorgeous little butterfly (I love butterflies) brooch by the ever so talented Millie from PinkPaperPinafore, check out her blog as she also makes the most adorable sock monkeys. Somebody is definitely getting one of them for Christmas this year, probably Talia.

A bonus on Saturday was that Felt, which for those of you who do not know is like a NZ version of Etsy, where clever crafty folk can sell their wares. Anyway, Felt were having an exhibition in the same place that Craft 2.0 was being held so it was 2 for 1..brilliant! I am really hoping that the Craft 2.0 becomes a regular thing, it seemed like it was really popular on the day so fingers crossed. Maybe one day I will be able to sell something there myself........X


sweetp said...

I went too. Arrived to a HUGE queue and was about 5 people too late to get the goodie bag. Never mind. So many cool things. I could have spent a fortune! I can't even remember what was my favourite..too many to choose from!

Little Grubs said...

Well it sounds like a great day was had by all - she says enviously! Isn't it funny how some people go that extra mile - you said that crafty people are so cool but I alao think it's a kiwi thing - people have so much more time over there and they willingly give it to relative strangers - I miss that soooooo much. I had just found felt which looks really cool will have to investigate further! Julie I was wondering whether there was a way I could contact you offline as it were - I'd really like to ask you some things!! If you don't mind that would be great. My email is Cheers x

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