Monday, August 11, 2008

Pink Playdough...

Today while I made hummus, which is our household favourite... Talia (with a bit of help) made our very first batch of playdough, pink of course!!! Thanks to Jannelle who writes the lovely blog Heart Felt for the recipe......

Talia and Kalem had great fun making lot's of pink creations, kept them busy for ages and Lola really enjoyed watching them. Of course now there is lovely pink playdough spread all over my house, it is EVERYWHERE but I suppose (????) it was worth it.......... X


Heart Felt said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! xx

nocton4 said...

yum .. that hummus looks wonderful.
good fun times

quiltdude said...

Looks like the kids had loads of fun, even if it is all over the house.
Isn't home made hummus much tastier than shop bought?
x Clare

Melody said...

Homemade pink playdough is big around these parts too. However, last time I made some I requested that I shall not dye it pink. Yellow it was instead. And what a nice change to be picking up little balls of yellow instead of!

Little Grubs said...

Making playdough was a real kiwi pasttime when I lived there but we never did it. No-one in UK seems to make theirs but this has reminded me about it and I think it's something both girls could be involved in. Think I've got a recipe from an old Parents Centre book (couldn't bring myself to throw them out because it's such a reminder of my life in Tauranga!) x

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