Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finished items..

Well somebody must have sent me some Happy knitting vibes, because instead of throwing the messed up knitting to the side and forgetting about true Julie fashion, I actually finished it. Okay, so it's not perfect and if you look closely at the picture you will see that the neck is not quite joined, but you can't see it when Lola is wearing it. Instead of sewing the shoulder seam I added ribbons and this seems to work fine. I also removed the cute crochet heart from one of Talia's old t shirts and sewed it on here, all in all I am quite pleased. My lovely mother-in-law came and had a look (as hubby phoned to say I needed knitting help), she seemed to think that my casting off was to tight, I had actually thought that this might be the problem so will be aware of it next time.

I am looking forward to starting my next project (so many ideas), but Talia is still ill so have not been able to get to the wool shop. I am actually getting cabin fever as have not left the house for about 4 days...arghhhhhh, actually looking forward to going out to the doctor later (maybe we could fit in a quick trip to the wool shop) Our local wool shop is great, the ladies in there take great pity on my being a novice knitter and are really helpful, it also has a play castle so Talia loves going there to play princesses.

Here is the little model in her new vest... looking a bit shell shocked (obviously can't believe her mother's amazing knitting skills.......)!

.......and here is another finished product. Well almost, these 3 felt fish are going to become a mobile for Lola, Talia is playing with them as I type, so may have to make some more for her!

This blog is ACTUALLY motivating me to get things done....... and it is keeping my family up to date on things, when I spoke to my mum this morning she knew that Talia was ill. I thought that it was her psychic talent, but no she had been reading my blog, still working on that profile photo mum, promise to change it soon...x


Melody said...

How cute is that vest?? Well done - mistakes and all it is 100% than I could ever do. *Melody pats you on the back*

I too love the fish. Can't wait to see the finished project.

Claire said...

Oh wow I love love love those fish! I have never needle felted before...Please post a How To Needle felt for me!!! And those Angels dolls, they are fab! Really I am super impressed. Do you sell them online? I want one! And I want to make something felted!

Your dd looks beautiful in her little top! well done for getting it done, it feels so good to finish something doesn't it :)


Ingrid said...

The fish are so lovely. They are so bright and friendly. I agree that I would love to have a post on needle felting. I have only made little haert shaped things in a cookie cutter and I had problems with this. Impressed that you can do so much with 3 children, including one sick. Tell me your secret.

Julie said...

Wow glad to see such positive response to my little fish...thanks! Claire and Ingrid, I will definately do a post on needle felting in the very near future, have to put my thinking cap on! I have not sold any angels so far, as have only really found the time to make them as gifts, but who knows. Oh and Ingrid don't forget these were projects that just needed finishing and when your most hard to handle child is lying on the couch sleeping instead of tearing around at 100 miles per hour, it is amazing what you can do.... X

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww that vest is so cute!!! Love the fish! Well done!

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