Monday, June 9, 2008

No School Today....

Today Kalem has had the day off school due to a 'little' cough, apparently his teacher has told them they are not allowed to come to school if they are coughing or sneezing!!!! I guess this means he will be home for the whole winter term, in my experience as a mum so far, kids have a constant cough/cold during the winter. Anyway, he is not ill at all so it's back to school tomorrow. Today though he had fun while Talia was at preschool, she was off all last week due to actually being quite ill with a mystery virus...all better now though!

Kalem spent hours with his beloved Lego and is very proud (as am I) of the boat and plane that he has created. Definitely thought they were worthy of a photo...... Now I know that I have previously posted about the fact that I am trying to rid my life of plastic (this is proving harder than I thought by the way), but there is no way that we could get rid of Lego. We have seriously had hours of fun with this ingenious 'toy' and it is so great to see how Kalem's imagination works through these little colourful blocks of magic. I wish that I had taken photo's of his creations before, some have been really inventive....... here is my clever little man.

The boat actually has a below deck for cars that you can't see in the photo.....

After we picked Talia up we headed off to the library, a trip that we all love. I was lucky enough to pick up The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soul, she writes the blog SouleMama , very inspiring, full of great ideas, I would highly recommend it. I am definitely going to try the cloth book for Lola's first birthday.
The afternoon was then spent doing papier-mache........................ this was one of those crafts that I wish I had never started, K and T found it very frustrating. Probably should have tried to make something a bit easier than a mask for a first attempt. We used a balloon as a base, but they would not keep still (as is the way with balloons). T gave up and K and I tried to finish his, we will see what it is like when dry. This weekend we are making salt dough figures, hopefully we will have more luck with these!

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