Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today while Boo was at pre-school I re-discovered the joy of op shopping, wow I could have spent a fortune (don't worry hubby....I didn't) what a treasure trove of wondrous delights! Except for the really expensive shops that I am not allowed in...I really find run of the mill clothes shopping dull and uninspiring, everything seems the same. Also there is a very scary come back of neon 80's clothing which I appreciate some people like, but I personally think that some things should definitely remain in the past!!! I also saw lot's of stunning fabric that could be turned into beautiful bags,...once I learn to sew that is. So I guess that I will now add op shopping to my new found obsessions........

I thought that I would show this photo of the plump, juicy feijoa's that we are lucky enough to have growing down our driveway. For some reason this fruit makes me feel very happy to be living in NZ, maybe it is because we do not get them in we??? I love to fill our fruit bowl with them and they taste truly divine! Spud loves them, but so far we have not managed to get old fuss pants Boo to try them, she does not know what she is missing!

Yesterday afternoon's baking with Boo...

Birdseed Slice the finished product.... full of yummy seeds and nuts. Of course Boo thinks that it is actually for the birds (no way) so even though she helped make it will not eat it. I am going to keep at her until she tries it as I know she will love it!

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