Friday, May 23, 2008


As a family we try to be as 'GREEN' as possible (or so I thought..), but since having baby no. 3 I have become even more aware of the massive footprint we are leaving on this planet. I am actually embarrassed to say that with my first 2 children I used disposable nappies, my excuse always being that I was too busy to use cloth! After seeing the scary amount of nappies that we were throwing away each week, we decided enough was enough. Anyway Finally (after ordering them 8 weeks ago!!!!!) my beautiful cloth nappies arrived yesterday. They are so soft and just perfect for that precious baby skin. So here is my little love in one of her new naps.......

From nappies to plastic another bane of my life. I have suddenly realised that our house of full of it, mainly in the form of useless bright coloured toys that rarely get played with. I am going to try to donate as many as I can get away with to charity... This year I am also determined to put more thought into present buying, I am thinking art, books, music, wooden toys, homemade goodies, etc... On this note I am really wanting to make a special fabric doll for Lola, so any hints, tips or ideas would be gratefully accepted. X


Ingrid said...

Good luck with the nappies. I tried it once but my girls kept getting nappy rash (plus I found it hard enough to look after my first one when I had a baby, let alone deal with all the washing in itself). I like your christmas ideals. We try to give homemade things to all our family as gifts. We all work together to make them and it gets up in the christmas spirit.They all got ceramic balls last year (I have a big family so takes a while).Unfortunaetly, my girls only get educational toys and things during the year, that Christmas is the time they can choose what they want. That means Barbies, and glitter and other anti-feministic, capitalistic crap.

Claire said...

i found the book Making Waldorf Dolls by Maricristin Sealey really useful in my doll making endeavours. Way back in my blog (maybe 2006) I made some for my boys, starting with little tiny ones and progressing to ones with limbs. The book has lots of ideas and patterns, I would not have managed without it. My only gripe is I wish it had photos instead of drawings. but still can't have everything I guess :) Maybe your library might carry it.....

let us see how you get on!


Oh! what sort of nappies are they?

Kimberley said...

So your Lola is only a few weeks younger than my Harper. I don't know how you manage to keep up with three kids - I am only just coping with one ...
I can't imagine how people afford to use disposables all the time - we use them going out or to the doctors and plunket, and even then I feel a bit guilty about the expense. Washing cloth is a drag sometimes, but I like not filling up our rubbish bins with plastic crap. Good on you for choosing handmade stuff over the acres of rubbish I despair at on offer at the Warehouse and such places!

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