Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Real Me????

I have just received an email from my mother who informs me that my blog photo is HORRIBLE. I must admit that this photo does not really look like me, which I think is rather why I like it. I actually chose it because it is all blurry and fuzzy so you can't actually see how old and tired I look at the moment. Perhaps when I am getting some more sleep (please little Lola) and do not look so haggard I will take a REAL photo of myself. My hubby thinks that I look a bit mad in this photo, which he believes is just right.... apparently those of us who write blogs must be kinda crazy...say what!!!!

Today is another cold, grey and miserable day here in Christchurch, damp clothes hanging on the line, wet towels drying on the clothes maiden, kids going stir crazy, barren tree's looking gloomy and sad, I think that it is going to be a long winter..........

My blog is one week old today!!


Ingrid said...

I learnt my lesson too. But you can´t please everyone so it is most important to please yourself. That is the purpose of a blog anyway (from someone who is too scared to even put a photo up of herself....)Anyway, I believe content is more important that structure. And the content is lovely. HAppy Blog Birthday

Melody said...

Before you know it you'll be celebrating your 100th post!

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She is a trouble maker.
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