Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baking With Boo...

So this week Baking with Boo, we made chocolate chip cookies, a favourite at our house.

The finished product, wonder how long these will last????

Yay, the sun is shining again, what a difference a few glorious rays can make to your day. I think that I may suffer from SADS (is that the right abbreviation???) and I know for definite that J does. Every time winter approaches he always starts discussing moving to Australia and I catch him drooling longingly at the Oz temperatures on the weather forecast (do they just put them on TV here to make us jealous??). Maybe one day.........

Of course before we move anywhere (at the moment I am longing to move to Nelson..) I have to apply and complete a midwifery degree here in Christchurch. This will take 4 years as I have to do a 5 month pre-health course first and then 3 years for the actual degree. There are only limited places on the course, so I may not even get in straight away, probably be studying when I am a granny!

There are many people out there (you know who you are) who do not think that I will ever get around to doing this course. In all fairness to these people I am quite flighty(for want of a better word), for example a few years ago I wanted to become an aromatherapist, so off to aromatherapy school I went and completed a course in clinical aromatherapy! Then armed with my lovely certificates proclaiming me a fully qualified aromatherapist, I went off and got pregnant........ Now the problem with me is that when I am actually doing something I am 110% into it, but if I veer off track then I find it hard to re-motivate myself ( I have many half finished projects to prove this..).

So... I have the qualification, the brand new wooden massage couch (with beautiful purple cushioning...swoon), the lovely practitioners box (a gift from my proud parents), but I just did not get around to using them. I always thought that I would use it one day, but not so far, the problem is that we moved countries, I would have to do a lot of re training after so long and this would cost too much money, then I would have the expense of setting up, then I would have to find the clients and I have a new baby and well I have a million different excuses......

Now midwifery.......I feel a real passion for and they do say it is a calling not a job, so who knows maybe I have been called by a higher power. Maybe this is my destiny, what I am supposed to do, I think so. During my last pregnancy I was incredibly lucky to have an amazing midwife who encouraged and inspired me, she put up with my constant questions and gave me great advice about the course.

Mind you, I keep having serious doubts that I can do it, especially as I struggle to have a coherent conversation these days, can't remember what day it is and I get confused over a simple knitting pattern. Luckily for me I have J who is also passionate about me doing this course. He is really supportive and knows that it will be incredibly hard on our relationship and family life, but he is prepared to make the sacrifices. The plan is for him to work part time while I do the course so that he will be here for the children, I'm pretty sure that he is looking forward to this part. I definately will not be able to do it without his suport. Of course he is looking to the future, the day when an extra income will lead us to our dream home and his Alpaca's and Bee's!

Maybe one day I could use my aromatherapy skills alongside being a midwife........ Hmmm I think that's enough waffling from me for now!

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Ingrid said...

May I first say that I am in love with your toaster. I am definitely a gadget girl and that is a groooovy gadget!!!!!!!!!!

And I say go for it if you want to study. You are so lucky that you have such a supportive husband. If I hadn´t studied, I think that I would have found it more difficult in terms of helping my girls speak english and getting some work. It opens doors. Plus, think of the benefits you pass onto your children - the knowledge you have, the view that education is important and beneficial, the fact that their mother is satisfied instead of always wondering 'What if'.

I think we give up a lot to have children, including our work experience and ability to reenter the workforce again easily. I think we are being responsible by doing something about it. I find that the time now that my girls are a bit bigger, and I have about 6 more years until I can really work again, I´m using it to retrain. And just think, you will be used to living on a reduced income that when you are finished and start work, it will seem like so much that both working part time could be a reality (at least this is what I think!!!!!).

Ps. Love your angels. Would love hints and tips of making them, particually the hair (I think I could work out the rest, but how do you make the hair so fluffy?)

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