Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vintage Beauty...

Yesterday Talia found this lovely OLD nightie that belonged to me when I was around her age. My Nan saved it for me as she thought that it was too pretty to throw away, Talia loves and it looks so cute on her. I am glad my Nan didn't get rid of it as I don't have too much from my childhood as we emigrated to South Africa when I was 11 and got rid of a lot of things before we left. I remember going with my parents to a local orphanage to give them a whole loads of toys and games. I also have a vivid memory of it being a windy day and the lid of a game blowing off causing a whole lot of paper (perhaps it was Monopoly)money to escape and my Dad running after it. I wonder if I have remembered that correctly.........

I'm going to send this photo to my Nan with her Christmas card, wonder if it will remind her of me at that age....... X


sweetp said...

Thats so sweet. Is that Holly Hobby on the front?

Heart Felt said...

That is so cute! I think I might of had one of those nighties too! xx

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