Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting crafty...

I found this book by chance at the library last week. It is a great read, lot's of tips, hints, advice and even patterns written by crafty bloggers from around the globe. I love reading about other crafty people, learning how and why they do what they do, probably why I love reading other peoples blogs too. It's great to get a look inside other peoples lives, especially for someone as nosey as myself!!!

Now that I have read this book there are at least another 5 things to go on my to do list. I have not been getting anything done recently and have not even been knitting. I have got so many ideas floating around in my head, but can't seem to get around to starting anything. I am determined to get crafty next week and I am going to get on to doing my Christmas ornaments for the ornament swap I am involved in. I have also promised the kids that we will make some little paper stars to hang on the Christmas tree this afternoon, so it's time to get creative. I love this time of year and there are some fantastic Christmas ideas out there in blogland, check out this blog for some great inspiration...

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She is a trouble maker.
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