Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last weekend was a long weekend here in NZ and we went camping with some good friends. It was Lola's first camping trip and I was a bit worried that her terrible nighttime sleeping would be a problem and I can't say that I relished feeding her on an air bed. Things however could not have gone better, she slept really well and even slept through the night for the first time in her short life. All of that wonderful fresh air must have worked it's magic on her!!!!!

What a fun time we had, the weather was AMAZING and we had the kind of weekend that I moved to NZ for. We camped with 3 other families and there were also another couple of families camping nearby from Kalem's school, so he was a happy boy and to be honest we hardly saw him unless he was hungry. He had a ball and totally enjoyed the extra bit of freedom given to him. The kids all went off in big groups making huts in the woods, riding their bikes around the campsite, playing Tball and playing touch rugby. The only rules were to stick together and definitely do not go to the beach without an adult. They all behaved so well and got on brilliantly. The older kids helped out with the younger kids and Lola got passed around to everybody, giving my arms a well deserved break........

The best part about the place that we go camping is that Julian used to go there when he was a boy, in fact it is the place where he met our good friend Monty all those years ago. Monty and his family were also camping with us, so now there is a second generation camping in the same place.... I LOVE THAT!!! Maybe even our children's children will camp here too!!

I thought that I would share some photo's with you, here are my sleepy headed little angels all snuggled up after waking at ridiculous 0'clock in the morning...

We celebrated a couple of birthdays while camping and had a wonderful day playing lot's of games and even the adults got to join in. Here is Julian in the very serious Dad's egg and spoon race. Kalem and Talia were beside themselves with excitement cheering him on at the side line, so cute!

My very first knitting in public........... For some reason my friends found this extremely amusing.

My little camp princess.......

Our tent......

Baby yoga..... oh to be that flexible!!!

I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend too. X


kate5kiwis said...

we love camping too!
love all the instant fun - there is always someone around to hang with.
it's pretty fabulous that you have so much family history at the same campsite!
mwah X

http://lavenderhouse.typepad.com said...

Soooooooooo glad you had a great time. You moved to NZ because even if you went camping in the summer here it would never ever be warm like that. It rains for the whole of August now!!! Today though was a lovely crisp winter's day - but no-one would be off camping today! See it is mad over here!!You look great doing your knitting too! Well done for standing up and saying - my name is Julie and I am a knitter!! HAHAHAHAHAHaaaaaaa
Love Emmaxxxxx

KikiMiss said...

WOW! What a great weekend, I love the sentiment of you all camping in that same spot. We are yet to venture out camping and really, I should be getting into it as there are some wonderful national parks surrounding my general area. Which of course means if I have to come home for any reason (a real shower hint hint) then I can.

That knitting looks terrific, what will it eventually be. You should teach me :-)

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