Thursday, November 6, 2008


I recently received my very own copy of the DVD 'The Business Of Being Born" which is an AMAZING documentary by the American TV presenter Ricki Lake. It is basically a documentary about giving birth in America and boy what an eye opener it is. For instance did you know that only 8% of woman use a midwife and that they have the 2nd worse newborn death rate in the WORLD...... It is the normal thing to have your baby in hospital with a doctor (no midwife in sight) and at almost every birth there is some kind of medical intervention. I do understand that sometimes medical intervention is needed and we are lucky to have the facilities available to save lives, but it seems that there is so much UNNECESSARY intervention being used. It is a billion dollar industry and woman are being convinced that giving birth is to be feared. This is a wonderful DVD and Ricki Lake is doing a great thing letting people know that there are other birthing options out there and that the miracle of birth is not to be feared. I had goosebumps watching this and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in birth or midwifery.

Watching this film re-ignited my passion for midwifery, I have recently been feeling that I will never get to study midwifery and even if I did how would I cope being so tired!!!! But where there is a will there is a way. Some people believe that midwifery is a calling and apparently it is very unlucky to ignore this calling. I am not sure that I believe the unlucky part, but I do believe that once a spark of midwifery has been lit it is very difficult to put out the fire.

So as I am pretty sure that I will never look like this again (unless I eat too many (veggie) pies of course) ..................

........Or ever again have that moment just after giving birth of holding my newborn child in my arms and wondering at the miracle of life. There is nothing in the world that can beat the first time your new baby looks deep into your eyes at your soul connecting you both forever, igniting an all powerful feeling of love and an intense need to protect and nurture this amazing new life, this gorgeous gift you have been given to look after......

............. I feel very happy that my passion for midwifery has been rekindled as I can't think of a better or more rewarding job in the world. Now if my brain would please start working again I would be very grateful!!!!!!!! X


KikiMiss said...

Oh wow, you look superb pregnant, not that I'm saying that's an excuse to do it all over again ;-)

And, I have to comment after a little giggle here ---- you and I have the same sort of little toe.

I believe the calling of midwifery, you seem to be a very nuturing person so I would suggest not ignoring it either. You'll get there, you won't always be this tired. And I can say that, because one year ago I was in your position. All will be well.

Claire said...

Oh you look magnificent pregnant - all glowy and fabulous - a poster woman!!! Glad your calling has called to you again :)

kate5kiwis said...

yes, it's all about timing i think.
one day you will wake up and know that it's right - if it is right.
and then you will go off and do it!
mwah X said...

What a lovely post. It is shocking about America. I think the UK is going the same way - not enough time spent coaching women and partners. I am heavily in to the nuno felting at the moment. Just not enough time to do everything! I wouldnt mind being a midwife but my best friend was and gave it all up. I think it is a very hard job. She was my midwife for two of my kids - what a special friend! I knew her from when I was child. Decisions, decisions!!!!!!! Love Emma xxxxx

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