Thursday, June 11, 2009

Talia and Tilly

I love watching Talia playing with Tilly, she definitely seems to favour her over her shop bought plastic dolls which is great and of course means that all my hard work was not in vain!! Tilly (along with about 30 other teddies) sleeps with Talia each night and the night before last Talia suddenly realised that Tilly didn't have any proper pyjama's. So I was asked to make her some P.J's, oh and while I was at it a skirt too please......

A chance to get out my beloved sewing machine, how could I resist. I got right on the case and while Lola was sleeping yesterday made Tilly a little skirt and top from an old dress of mine and some pyjama's using an old (very groovy) pillowcase. While I was making them the thought that soon I will not be able to do things like this due to being at COLLEGE, did enter my mind, but it scared me so I pushed it right back out again!!!

Talia was thrilled with my efforts and apparently today I am to make some shoes and a little bag!! We will see.... Anyway here are the two girls this morning on the couch in their P.J's.

Here they are a bit later all dressed and ready for kindy.....

Right off to check out my fabric stash for suitable dolls bag material.... X


little grubs said...

You have two gorgeous little ladies there! x

gardenmama said...

Very sweet, great job Mama!
We are quite in love with our Waldorf dolly friends : )

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