Monday, June 22, 2009

Illnes and my Featherweigh Cardy...

I have nearly completed the body of my Featherweight Cardigan and am really pleased with it so far. I love the fact that knitting it on a circular allows you to try it on as you go. Just a couple of inches to go then it's onto the sleeves. I am going to knit the sleeves using 2 circulars which I have never done before,GULP!!! I don't really like knitting with DPN's so am hoping that this method will be easier, I guess that time will tell.

My household are still all full of coughs and colds at the moment, this morning it was like listening to an orchestra of coughs coming from each room, just lovely at 6am!! I am still managing to avoid the dreaded bug, but with the amount of direct hits to the face of coughs and sneezes I took over the weekend, it is only a matter of time......
I thought that I would share this vitamin C packed recipe for a blackcurrant drink. I made this warm and squished all the fruit making it thick and broth like which the kids hated. I then just drained the liquid without smashing up the fruit and chilled it in the fridge, this went down much better......
50gm blackcurrants (we have them in the freezer for times like this....)
2 apples chopped and cored
450ml water
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
honey to taste
Basically place apple and blackcurrants in a pan with water and bring to the boil, simmer for 10 mins then strain. Stir in lemon juice and add honey to taste. Perfect for sick feverish kiddo's and adults too of course!


sweetp said...

Oh no, hope everyone recovers quickly!
Cardys looking good, go you!

LissyLou said...

My youngest had a streaming cold that started yesterday and now i've woken up with a horrible tickly throat - so i know it's heading my way!! I've taken my echinacea and some vit c tablets - i'll give your recipe ago though. Hope you all feel better soon x

nova_j said...

oh snap! i've just started the sleeves for my jumper, except i'm doing them with magic loop on one 120cm circ :)

hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Heart Felt said...

Get well soon everyone - sick of winter already? Love the colour of your cardy - beautiful x

little grubs said...

Glad to read that you're all better now. Thanks for the recipe - will definitely try this next time we all get a dose! x

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