Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Kalem and Talia create so many lovely things that I have decided to post my favourites each week. Talia brought the very pink, ribboned cardboard tube home from kindy last week and was very proud of her creation, it's an Octopus don't ya know!!

Kalem draws a lot at home, but it is not often that he actually brings something from school. Last week he brought this gorgeous picture home, I'm not sure exactly how he made it, something to do with printing and paint. I think it's beautiful and the colours are amazing, definitely worthy of a frame.

We have just had a long weekend here, which has been great, bit chilly though. We didn't get up to much Julian ran in a marathon, I sewed my very first skirt (more about this next post), Lola toddled around happily, Kalem spent most of the weekend with his cousin and Talia spent most of her weekend drawing and painting. She is so cute at the moment, after every drawing she asks me if she is my little artist, well of course she is!!!

Talia also made this little hand puppet from a kit I found tucked away at the back of the craft cupboard. We have to keep it away from Lola as she seems determined to remove it's eye's and nose......
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend..... X


Daisie said...

I just love Kalem's bird, beautiful!!

They are all amazing, bit like my house, we can't move for paper and card creations!


Melody said...

Wow - no wonder you wanted to post some pics for us. What a talented couple of children you have there Julie. I love Kalem's bird picture and the puppet too is very cute.

LissyLou said...

What great makes, the painting is fantastic - yes you must frame it x

little grubs said...

Kalem's artwork is just amazing - as you say definitely worth framing! We also have a little one who tries to grab everything her sister has made - luckily yesterday Maia actually made something for Cassia so that was good! x

Melissa Goodsell said...

That hand puppet is cute and I love the table all set up - it looks like lots of fun!

Ange said...

Oh yay!! Love the kids' work!!

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