Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sigh of relief.....

First of all a great big thank you to all of you wonderful ladies who left me such lovely comments after my last post. Reading them really did make me feel a whole lot better about things. Well, the good news is that Lola seemed to love pre-school. There were no tears at all and I phoned half way through the session and was told that she was having a great old time. They did warn me that the first day is always a bit of a novelty and it is the second day that usually brings the tears. She is going for another couple of hours on Fri so I guess we will see. I am quite confident though, as she seemed right at home when Kalem, Talia and I went to pick her up. Apparently she did not ask for me once while she was there, now of course I am beyond happy that she seems to love it so much, but couldn't she just have missed me a little????? Aw bless her little cotton socks, she looked such a picture all dressed up and ready for 'school', her new backpack was almost as big as her........

While she was there I went to the Poly tech bookstore to pick up one of my books needed for the Anatomy and Physiology part of my course. I nearly had a heart attack when they handed it to me, just looking at it made my brain hurt. It is very daunting knowing that I will need to learn most of what is contained within this HUGE book that really weighs a ton!!!! Er and we won't even mention the cost...This book is also required for the Midwifery degree, so hopefully I won't have to know it all in the next 5 months.......
I walked around the Poly tech for a while (mobile in hand in-case pre-school called) trying to look like a cool student instead of an exhausted mother of 3!! I think it is fair to say that I did NOT fool anybody!!!!!
I think that I need to stop stressing so much and start enjoying the fact that I am about to embark on a new adventure. In a few weeks time I will be taking the very first step on my journey to becoming a midwife and it's really quite exciting!
Last night I attended an open evening for the Midwifery degree which was excellent and really informative. It is a difficult course to get on and is even more popular this year as a lot of people see it as a recession proof job. I found out last night that they do not give interviews anymore, but choose solely from the application essay....YIKES!!!! I was pretty sure that I could verbally portray my passion for midwifery, but I am concerned that I will not be able to do this as well in an essay. Blimey I can't even remember the last time I wrote an essay.

Am not stressing though, NOT, NOT, NOT!!! Well maybe just a little bit.


Amy said...

IT sounds like a big day all round. I hope the second day of daycare and tech went well too.

lou said...

Why do we worry so much???? Ben left school a few weeks ago and has gone too Canada with his Nan, I have done nothing but worry, so you are not alone and he is a big boy now.

I do remember when josh started at play group, it’s what do I do now, if only there was a book for us mums too tell us how we are going to feel with each change we have with our children.

Not only do you come across as a very good mum and very talented one too, I can see you all benefitting from the new step you are making in your life.


I don’t normally do serious- have a lovely week and good luck-love Lou xxx

nova_j said...

aww she looks gorgeous!

re the midwifery essay, you'll be fine! you've had three kids! you're already familiar with the natal process & with lack of sleep - you're half way there already ;)

skatey katie said...

it really is true that the first essay is the hardest and that you'll quickly find your groove.
(although, to be honest, my diet reduces to espressos and smints during essay-writing.)
this is one of your heart's desires, babe - love that you're doing it!!!!! X

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