Thursday, July 9, 2009

Schools holidays and stuff.....

Wow this week is going so quickly and considering that I wasn't really looking forward to these holidays due to an all time high of fighting between siblings, I am really having fun!! Kalem has been out and about busy with his friends, climbing hills, going to the movies, having sleep overs and other boy like stuff.

Talia and I have been getting crafty , we made these sleepy princess pictures from the Usborne Activities book 'Princess things to make and do'. The basic idea is really cool and we spent hours cutting bits out of magazines and sticking them in place. I also realised something while doing this activity......... I realised if I do my own picture (or whatever) as well as Talia, it stops me interfering with her creativity. We just both got on with our own 'works of art' and I only helped her if she asked, her picture is the one with the butterfly duvet,check out the little dog sitting on the bed!!! She did so well and was really proud of the fact that she did it (almost) all herself.

Talia also received her very first letter from her new pen pal Maia yesterday.The look on her face when she saw the beautifully decorated envelope and realised it was for her was a picture!! Abi (Maia's mum) and I both agree that this pen pal thing is brilliant as both girls spent ages drawing pictures, writing letters and cutting things out to send to their new friend. Such a FAB idea thanks Abi...... Talia seemed to think it was a good idea to put some of the stickers sent by Maia on her face and wanted me to take a photo!

In other news my Featherweight Cardigan is FINALLY finished. I didn't quite get it done in time for Gabes June is for finishing, but I am still pleased with myself for actually finishing it all... Here it is blocking, a bit new to blocking so no idea if I am doing it right, I am trying to stop it from rolling by holding it together with pegs and there are a few crystals on there too. I guess we will find out if I have done the right thing when it has finished drying.

Finally...for (very much missed) Nanny and Grandad, your 3 little monkeys just before bed!
Hope all you Kiwi mama's are enjoying the school hols too.... X


Heart Felt said...

Have fun with your little ones of the school holidays! xx

little grubs said...

I LOVE those pictures - we might have to 'borrow' the idea!! So glad that Maia's little package arrived safely and was happily received! Congrats on finishing the cardigan - it looks wonderful. x

LissyLou said...

those pics are great. They would make nice cards for girlies x

gardenmama said...

Such sweet artwork!!
Enjoy your time together : )

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