Friday, July 3, 2009

Pretty Pink Top...

Well it's all about Lola this week....... Thought I would post some pictures of this GORGEOUS cardy knitted for Lola by her talented Nana. It is so thick and soft and warm. She knitted the size 2, so it will probably fit her for a while. Here is the little model not long awake as you can probably tell from the scary bed head!!! Hey Gabes recognise the Pyjama's.......

Not sure of the exact pattern, but it is definitely Debbie Bliss.

I am still working away on my Featherweight cardigan, on the second arm now, so not long to go. Think that I may run out of yarn though which will be VERY annoying...... X


Nikki said...

She's super gorgy! Lucky you getting such a fab pressie :D

Heart Felt said...

Very pretty, Lola looks very pleased with herself. x

Joanne F said...

Very pretty :)
Lola and the jacket!

sweetp said...

Oh gorgeous! that pattern is from Special Knits as well. Its lovely.
And very pleased the pjs were handy lol

Ive been flat out and am way behind on my blogs - am so pleased Lola is settling in well and you're getting organised. Txt me if you have the space for a catch up.x

nova_j said...

gorgeous! yay for knitting nanas :D

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