Monday, July 28, 2008

Goodbye Bread

Hey guess what it's Monday and I'm starting a new diet........... I have decided that I am giving up bread, I seem to be eating loads at the moment as it is a quick and easy thing to fill up on. I am hoping that by eliminating this from my diet I will have to slow down and try to think of new and healthy lunch/snack ideas. I have of course been dreaming about hot buttered toast with marmite, but it is only Monday so I can't cave in yet!!!

I signed over my gym membership at the weekend, I just couldn't find any time to go, so it seemed the best thing to do. I can't say that I am sad about this as I was never really a gym type of gal... I plan on doing lot's of walking instead, much better out in the fresh air. Walking is all I did after having Kalem and it seemed to do the job then. I need to get fit, healthy and loose those baby lumps and bumps so that I can fit into the dress pictured below. I fell in love with this dress last summer while I was pregnant, of course it did not fit me then, but I figured it would after baby arrived. HAHAHAHAHA, not quite!!!!! I hope that by picturing the dress here I will be motivated to get into it by this summer, hmmmm fingers crossed!
SISTERS......I love this photo of the girls (and I love being able to say 'the girls'..), they both look so different, one with big brown eyes and the other with big blue eyes.

A BIG THANK YOU to Jackie and Kate for helping me after my last post, see I actually managed to put the Handmade pledge badge on my blog!!!


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Beautiful dress but ugh at trying to lose weight. I'm just not sure I have the willpower!

Good luck though! :D

Heart Felt said...

The dress looks gorgeous! I found walking amazing to loose weight, it just takes a bit longer. Breast feeding is my god send for losing weight! ps Divine photograph of the kids!

sweetp said...

Gorgeous photo of your girls. Mine are the same - one blue eyed, one brown. :)

kate5kiwis said...

love. that. dress.
you've inspired me: am going off bread again too then, cos an inch (or two) has crept back onto my waist over w*nter.
we can totally do this thing. let's watch the inches melt off, k?
i have cricked my neck, can't remember how, but it hurts! so as soon as it feels better i am turning my pilates tape back on too.

off to get a glass of water, mwah X

Little Grubs said...

Beautiful photo of your girls. My two are like this too - eldest brown eyed like her daddy and youngest blue eyed like her mum!

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