Monday, July 7, 2008

A chilly Weekend......

The snow has all gone now and the sun is actually shining...not sure for how long though! Before the rain washed the snow away the CRAZY members of my little family went out for a walk. They had fun until it started raining really hard and Talia had to get away from the 'stingy rain'..... Poor little mites were freezing cold and dripping wet when they got back. Nothing that a hot bath couldn't fix of course. The knowledge that Grandad was treating all of us, auntie Ness and cuzzies to a chinese take away that night helped to put the smiles straight back on their faces!

At least the bad weather over the weekend enabled us to finally decorate and get started on the kids scrapbooks. kalem and Talia cut lots of little pictures out of old comics and glued them on to a plain scrapbook, then we added a photo and I covered them in the clear plastic covering (the type you use for school books). This kept them busy for ages and they were both really excited about the finished item.
We kept a scrapbook for Kalem the year before we left England so that he would have something to remember his time there. It was simple and childlike filled with movie tickets, a map to Lego World (somewhere he will never forget), photo's of his little buddies, a underground timetable for the tube in London and lot's of other bits and bobs.......hopefully he will always treasure this

I love the idea that one day the kids great grandchildren may read these books and marvel at how the world was in 2008..............X

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kate5kiwis said...

can't believe you get real snow. we just get this pretend dusting of stuff on the low lying lawns.

when i was ten out family and cuzzies did a three week trip around the south island. mum and dad encouraged me to keep a journal, with lots of tickets and postcards stuck in.
i've looked at it once or twice since then, but i think that the act of keeping the journal helped to keep some of the memories stuck in my heart.

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