Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Birthday girl..............

I am a bit late with this post as it was actually Talia's birthday a couple of weeks ago now. I had a bit of a problem loading photo's and a birthday post without pictures of the birthday girl wouldn't have been the same!

Big changes have occurred in my little girl's life recently. She reached the grand old age of 5 and is now a big school girl. She is just LOVING school, no problems there at all. Having her brother and 2 cousins at school has made the transition very easy for her and all the girls in Kalem's class have very sweetly been looking after her too. She is absolutely loving all the attention and her teacher told me that she always has her hand up wanting to answer questions even if she doesn't know the answer.

Leaving kindy was hard, well for me anyway..... Her teachers there were so lovely and I think that I am going to miss them more than Talia. I actually cried when saying goodbye, very embarrassing actually. Can I still blame breastfeeding hormones????? I made all the teachers little fabric hearts stuffed with dried lavender and wool, I also added a drop of rose oil and a couple of drops of red mandarin oil. They smelt lovely, unfortunately forgot to take a photo.

I finally managed to make a birthday crown for my little princess, I have been meaning to for a couple of years now. I actually made a few presents for her this year, but still need to take photo's. You can get a glimpse of the toadstool house I made in one of the photo's below, but will take some better ones soon.

Talia wanted goody bags for her birthday and I did actually go to one of those cheap shops that sell plastic rubbish especially for party bags, but I couldn't buy anything. I hate all that horrible plastic junk. Instead I bought some cute little paper bags and filled them with chocolate and a few sweets. Julian made some gingerbread men, Talia decorated them and I wrapped them to give the children when they were leaving. I also made some little toadstool needle felted badges for the little fairies at the party. A bit more time and effort, but I felt much better about giving something handmade.

Talia had a few of her friends for a fairy tea party and then other friends turned up throughout the day. It was so much fun having lot's of gorgeous little fairies and a couple of pixies running around the house.

Of course there was pass the parcel, here is Lola opening a parcel with a bit of help from her big brother.

Happy late birthday Boo, sparkly fairy girl. I hope that all of your school days are full of fun and laughter. We are so proud of you... X


nova_j said...

happy birthday Talia! love the homemade goodie bag gifts!

Lucy said...

Hi Ju,

well you did it - inspired me to start my very own blog - once i feel a bit more confident i'll send it on to you. I love having a quick look every now and then at what you've been up to and hopefully some of my friends and family will do the same in the future. Thanks love!
Feel free to give me any ideas for things on the's so new to me!

Love you, Lxx

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