Thursday, December 11, 2008

Help needed AGAIN.....

Finally all packed up ready to be sent off to the other 5 members of my Christmas ornament swap group. All posted this afternoon and one day before the deadline, I must be getting organised in my old age..... I am very bad at leaving things until the last minute, but I do seem to work well under pressure! I will post a picture of the ornaments that I made when everybody has received them, just in case they read this blog. I will also post a picture of the ornaments that I receive, so far I have 2 out of 5 and they are both really cool.

I think that I have now sorted out the photo problem, so have deleted my cry for help..... X


cjsfeet said...

Julie- Thanks for coming by my page to leave ME a note! You are so kind.
I know what you mean about the spaces in the posts. I am also having trouble with my posts NOT having spaces between the paragraphs where I put them. I think blogger needs to iron out these kinks, don't you?

sweetp said...

I gave up a LONG tme ago on uploading photos to blogger. I Just use flickr now for everything and copy the html (thats the bits that look like code starting with the triangle marks (which I cant type here lol as it thinks its code haha)

Hope you can get it sorted, I want to see your ornaments!

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